Dream Yoga: The Path of Awakening Through Sleep and Dream

Centro: Dechen Chöling
lunes 7 octubre 2019 (16:00 -21:00)
sábado 12 octubre 2019 (08:00 -10:00)
Profesor : Andrew Holecek
Persona de contacto : Shambhala Dechen Chöling
Programme Price A : €320
basic food and accomodation per night to be added to the program price: €40
Discover lucid dreaming and dream yoga, which have boundless potential for rapid psychological and spiritual growth. Taught in English. Translation upon request.

Discover the remarkable world of nocturnal meditation, where a wealth of wisdom awaits you every night. Lucid dreaming and dream yoga have boundless potential for rapid psychological and spiritual growth. During this program we’ll explore the science behind lucidity, how to induce lucid dreams, what to do with them, and how to transcend any obstacle.

Lucid dreaming has been developed for thousands of years in the East, and recently augmented with sophisticated techniques from the West. Learn how lucid dreaming leads to lucid living, and how this ancient practice can change your brain, facilitate healing, improve relationships, heighten performance, and spiritually wake you up.


Arrival day (Monday 7 October): Orientation talk at 8 pm. You’re invited to come from 4 pm in order to register and settle in your room. Dinner is served at 6.45 pm.

End of programme (Friday 11 October): Closing circle and Banquet in the evening.

Departure day (Saturday 12 October): You may leave anytime (no programme). You’re welcome to stay for lunch.

This programme is taught in English. Free translation into French or other languages needs to be confirmed. Important: We need 2 months notice of translation requests. If you are registering late, please contact us directly about translation.